Our main services

We help to  make a brilliant career

Searching for work, you need the help of a professional. Cooperation with agents from our recruiting agency, helps you to orientate in the labour market quickly, to assess your forces properly and choose the path that most corresponds to the stage of development of your career at the present moment.

Save your time with our help

Our agency accumulates all the information about the participants and the state of affairs in the staff and recruiting agencies market. In order  to save your time, we accumulate all the analytical background and statistical information about the labour market, salaries and staff, collected from more than 100 online and print editions.

Directory of staffing and recruiting agencies

We regularly update our catalog, which is freely available for our customers. It is the most comprehensive in the UK, and easy-to-use directory of staffing and recruiting agencies. We apply maximum efforts so that information there was accurate and up to date.

Offering a free listing service

to every job agency

New services

Customer reviews on the work of recruiting agencies

Who else can truly appreciate the agency's work as not his client? Only on our company website, customers can leave feedback on the quality of agency’s service. The quantity and quality of the reviews affect the agency's place in the rankings.

Market news and event monitoring

We track everything that is happening in the labour market and in the life and work of recruiting agencies in UK and neighbouring countries. Daily update.

Trainings for recruiters and HR managers

The best world-known speakers are always ready to share their secrets with you. One of the main pros is that you are able to take part in our programs in different parts of the world, so that you can not only get new knowledge, but also discover a lot of amazing places.

Most popular

For agencies and their employees

- being represented in the catalogue (brief or full details);

- appearing  in various rankings;

- following the news and market events, receiving the newsletter;

- creating own userpage;

- publishing articles and PR-materials about company.

For employees of client companies

- the ability to  select the agency easily in any city in the UK;

- sharing personal opinion about recruiting partner;

- appearing in the recruitment agencies ‘list of popular clients’;

- selecting the most appropriate agency using the ratings, "community" and tender;

- following the news and events of the recruiting market.

Special proposition

Easy and efficient learning

You can purchase an annual pass for free admission to all trainings and master-classes, organized by our company. During the trainings you will be able to learn about new trends and developments on the recruiting market, to acquire new skills, for effective working with clients, and learn the latest technologies in staff selection.