About us

Whom to entrust personnel recruitment? How to choose a recruitment agency? What are the criterias to evaluate it, not to make a mistake? Here are the issues that concern employers. We can easily find an answer and assist you. Also, our agency will find prestigious vacancies, for those who need it, without any problems.

Why choose us

  1. Long-term cooperation
    Your resume is in our database and as  jobs, matching your professional qualities and experience,  appear in agencies, we contact you.
  2. Honesty and openness
    To the applicant, who was at the interview in our agency, but did not contest the employer, we explain the reasons for the refusal, as we believe that this will help candidate with outplacement in the future.
  3. Unique services
    At the moment we are the only agency in Britain, which collects the information and on the basis of certain criterias generates ratings of recruiting (staff) agencies. Ratings and characteristics you can observe on our website in order to be able to collaborate with the best.

Our mission

Values, purpose, goals

From complete outsourced recruiting to simply mining resumes, we offer a wide range of services that can help you hire the best people for your business. We successfully deal with:

  • searching for professional recruiting agencies;
  • outplacing our clients;
  • helping you to build a brilliant career;
  • labour market researches;
  •  creating ratings of the agencies.

Our goal is to provide the best companies with the best employees and the best jobseekers with the best jobs.

Our staff

the Chief Executive of the Recruitment company

the Director of Member Services

the Director of Policy and Professional Services

manages external communications and research

Our features

Our agencies directory will become your irreplaceable assistant, if you are interested in the operational and professional search of recruitment agencies in the UK.

Our recruiters use advanced searching methodology and selection, in accordance with customer requirements and assessment of professional settings.  

The basic principle of company-openness and honesty towards our clients. Clients need to know in person those, whom they trust the most important-search for key staff.

Our vision

When you creating the most objective rankings of recruiting agencies, we take into consideration the following criteria:

Basing on these parameters, we choose the best to make your requests fully satisfied.

Our clients say

The directory really helped me to choose the vacancy that satisfied me. It is really cool, that it's not just a web-site, but a large company whose staff will advise you without any problems and will help you to find what you need, right in the office, personally. I thank the whole team of professionals.

Alan Smith

I have been doing business for about 10 years. During this time managed to turn to many recruitment agencies, but none of them have satisfied myr equests. Friends advised me this directory, and now I have no problems with recruitment.

Sam Kromstain