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05 June, 2015

We invite you to the school if:

- It is important for you to improve your knowledge in management.

- You want to understand that you are doing right, and what actions are not effective.

- You want to know the psychological foundations of personnel motivation, human behavior, organizational behavior.

21 June, 2015

During the training, participants:

- Possess the advanced techniques of recruitment of competence, efficiency and motivation

- They will learn to evaluate the 10 core competencies

- Will be able to identify 15 motivation factors

- Will get the designer issues for any position

- Master the tools for effective adaptation of employees

12 June, 2015


- Intangible motivation

- Involvement, employee retention

- Automation of HR processes

- Transformation of human resources in the human capital

27 June, 2015


- Realize own system of beliefs and values;

- To master the technology of the rapid analysis of a conflict situation;

- Work out strategies of conflict management.

What's new?

Need HR Manager

Fits medium size company, where manager combines several functions

Portrait of a man: a positive, open, ambitious,a young, dynamic, supporting healthy lifestyle

Sphere -filters for water.

Clients -  from the physical persons, to hotels, restaurants, activities and networks Prospect-growing together with the company, the position of director of personnel

Age 23 -33 Max

This training is only for top managers of companies. Also for top managers who are not involved in recruitment.

At the seminar we will cover:

 - What actions to take, to cause the flow of productive people to the company.

- What qualities must have a  responsible person for the initial selection of candidates

- The speed factor in making a decision.

- Why procrastination leads to the loss of the most productive candidates,

This year we’ll speak about:

Forming teams. Selection of the personnel.

1. Evaluation and development of personnel. Developing talent. The creation of a personnel reserve.

2. Motivation and retention.

3. Creation of systems for internal communications. The formation and development of HR-brand. Research and surveys.

Most discussed

Germany's unemployment rate in May remained at the previous month-6.4%, the lowest mark since the country's reunification in 1990, informs the Federal employment agency. Rate stays at this level during sixth month.

Poland's Ministry of Labor reports that in the last month in the country significantly reduced the number of unemployed. According to employees of departments, the number of people who can not find work, has fallen by 35 thousand people.

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